why choose us?

Our professional, reliable delivery services make sure that your used car arrives exactly when you’re expecting it, safely, securely and in the condition you’re expecting. Unlike other used car transportation services that simply deliver the vehicles and get a signature as quickly as possible, we strive to achieve complete satisfaction from all parties, going above and beyond what’s required to guarantee that all the used cars in our care arrive in perfect condition.

All cars moved by us are transported safely on fully-insured trucks with Employers and Public Liability insurance – as well as comprehensive motor insurance – allowing you peace of mind in the knowledge that your used car purchase will be covered throughout the entire process.

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why choose us

we go that extra mile

The nature of the technical world we live in means that many used car purchases are now made online, sometimes without being seen in person. If this applies to you and you’d like a little helping hand to validate your purchase, we’d be more than happy to provide our expert advice regarding the research and purchasing process. Our unbiased point of view will help ensure you get the car you’re paying for, offering reassurance that your purchase is at a price you’re willing to pay, from a party you can trust.

Thanks to our services, there’s no need to worry about the delivery of your car. Simply relax in the knowledge that your vehicle’s in safe hands and look forward to the arrival of your used car.